Information on wood

When using your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove, for optimum results we recommend always using a good quality seasoned firewood. It will ensure a clean burn, which helps reduce soot build up, it helps the stove burn at maximum efficiency as well as prolonging the life of your stove and flu system as well as keeping your glass clean.

Wood Seasoning

Freshly harvested wood contains a naturally high amount of water, between 65-90% depending on the species. Removing the water is known as seasoning. This should be done for a minimum of two years.

Storing Wood

For perfect drying conditions the logs should be stored in a dry airy store allowing plenty of air flow around the logs. The wood should be protected from the elements such as driving rain etc.

Energy Efficiency

When buying wood, consider the cost per kilowatt of energy. Using local suppliers may be more convenient, but be sure that the firewood currently available is properly stored and therefore dry, as damp wood is difficult to burn. Buying in the spring and drying off the wood in your wood store for next winter is a good policy.

Stove Efficiency

Burning wet wood requires extra logs (possibly more than three times as many) to produce the equivalent heat output when burning dry well seasoned timber. This is a considerable waste of resource, money, labour, transport and storage.

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